Lewis (David) & Lewis (Stephanie)
Source: Lewis - Philosophical Papers Volume I, Part 1: Ontology, Chapter 1
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  1. Co-written with his wife, Stephanie Lewis, this whimsical dialogue features Argle and Bargle debating the ontological nature of holes.
  2. Argle ingeniously defends the claim that a hole is just the lining of matter that surrounds it.
  3. Responding to Bargle's disinclination toward accepting a view that flouts common sense, Argle comments that philosophical argument involves "measuring [the] price" that one must pay in order to accept the contested position. It is a telling remark, given the "incredulous stares" that often greet Lewis's modal1 realism.


Also in "Hales (Steven D.), Ed. - Metaphysics: Contemporary Readings".

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