It Ain't Necessarily So
Putnam (Hilary)
Source: Putnam - Philosophical Papers 1 - Mathematics, Matter and Method
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    This paper argues for the following conclusions: the distinction between statements necessary relative to a body of knowledge and statements contingent relative to a body of knowledge is an important methodological distinction. The traditional philosophical distinction between statements necessary in some eternal sense and statements contingent in some eternal sense is not workable. Rescuing moves, which consist in saying that if a statement which appears to be necessary relative to a body of knowledge at one time is not necessary to a body of knowledge at a later time, then (a) it was not the same statement or (b) it was only mistaken to be a necessary statement, are unsuccessful. (Staff)


Response to Donnellan; Printout filed in "Various - Papers on Philosophy of Language Boxes: Vol 2 (N - Z)".

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