Singular Terms and Predication
Strawson (Peter)
Source: Strawson - Philosophical Logic (Oxford Readings)
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    The author examines two attempts to explain quine's ideas of singular term and of general term in predicative position. He concludes that, underlying all that quine says about this distinction, is an account which fuses the identificatory criterion and the type-criterion. Referential position, he asserts, is the position primarily and fundamentally occupied by a term definitely identifying a spatio-temporal particular in a sentence coupling that term to another signifying a property-like or kind-like principle of grouping particulars. In practice, the quantification test for referential position proposed by quine is a good test, but only because the notions of referential and predicative position have to be understood in the way outlined in this paper. (Staff)


Printout filed in "Various - Papers on Philosophy of Language Boxes: Vol 2 (N - Z)".

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