Causes and Conditions
Mackie (J.L.)
Source: Sosa & Tooby - Causation
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  1. A formal analysis of both singular and general causal statements is given, which relates them to incompletely known universal laws of the "regularity" type.
  2. It is shown that this analysis overcomes many well-known difficulties for a regularity view (for example, it resolves problems about the "covering-law model" for causal statements and explanations in history) and also that it fits in exactly with our basic methods of discovering causal relationships, as formalized in an improved account of the method of difference.
  3. It is indicated how this analysis of causal statements can be extended to cover those that are based on functional dependence rather than necessity and sufficiency, and how this extended analysis fits in with the discovery of causal relationships by the method of concomitant variation.


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