The Functionalist Reply (Ohio State)
Lycan (William)
Source: Behavioral and Brain Sciences, Volume 3 - Issue 3 - September 1980, pp. 434-435
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Footnote 2:
  • This characterization is necessarily crude and vague. For a very useful survey of different versions of functionalism and their respective foibles, see Block (1978); I have developed and defended what I think is the most promising version of functionalism in Lycan (forthcoming).
Footnote 3:
  • For further discussion of cases of this kind, see Block (forthcoming).
Footnote 5:
  • A much expanded version of this reply appears in section 4 of Lycan (forthcoming).
Footnote 7:
  • I do not understand Searle's positive suggestion as to the source of intentionality in our own brains. What "neurobiological causal properties"?
Footnote 8:
  • As Fodor (forthcoming) remarks, SHRDLU as we interpret him is the victim of a Cartesian evil demon; the "blocks" he manipulates do not exist in reality.

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