Integrated field theory of consciousness
Kinsbourne (Marcel)
Source: Marcel & Bisiach - Consciousness in Contemporary Science
Paper - Abstract

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Chapter Sections

  1. The Problem
  2. Propositions
    … The Cortical Network is Specialized for Selective Representations
    … Awareness is a Composite of Multiple, Coincident Representations
    … Awareness is Based on Continually Revised Representation
    … Awareness in Diffuse and in Focal Attending
    … Awareness Permits General Application of Specific Mental Operations
    … Consciousness is not Qualitatively Different from Other Properties of Nervous Systems
    Self-Consciousness1, Focused Attention, and the Brain
    … Orienting Brings the Remembered as well as the Present into Awareness
    … Left Hemisphere Brings Depth, Right Lends Breadth, to Awareness
    … Intuition is a Fallible Guide to Reality
    … Awareness is Surgically Divisible
    … Two Awareness can Co-exist
  3. Conclusion

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