Reduction and the neurobiological basis of consciousness
Churchland (Patricia)
Source: Marcel & Bisiach - Consciousness in Contemporary Science
Paper - Abstract

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Chapter Sections

  1. Introduction
  2. Intertheoretic Reduction
  3. Consciousness, Co-evolution, and Reduction
  4. Consciousness: What is the Explanandum?
    … Defining the Words
    Natural Kinds1
    … Denormalizing Data
  5. Waking, Sleeping2, and Dreaming
    … Fig: Ultradian Sleep3 Cycle of NREM and REM Sleep4; and REM Sleep5 Periodograms
    … Fig: Characterization of Behavioural States in Humans: Waking, NREM and REM Sleep6
    … Fig: Cross Section of the Brain Stem Showing the Location of the Locus Coeruleus and the Nucleus of Raphe
    … Fig: The Electrical Activity of Giant Pontine Cells during Sleep7
    … Fig: Schematic Diagram Showing the Relation between Sleep-wake8 Stages and Activity of Selective Brain Stem Cells
    … Fig: Schematic Diagram Showing the Very Diffuse Projection Paths of Neurons in the Locus Coeruleus of a Rat Brain
    … Fig: Schematic Diagram of a Sagittal Section of the Cat Brain Showing the Main Physiological Elements in Dream State Generation.
  6. Concluding Remarks

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