Information-processing models of consciousness: possibilities and problems
Shallice (Tim)
Source: Marcel & Bisiach - Consciousness in Contemporary Science
Paper - Abstract

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Chapter Sections

  1. Consciousness and the Methods of Cognitive Psychology and Neuropsychology
  2. Possible Lines of Attack on the Problem
  3. The Properties of Consciousness
    … ‘Consciousness’ is Always Changing, but from Waking to Sleeping1 is Sensibly Continuous
    … In Temporal Cross-section, it has a Foreground and a Background
    … The Primary Structuring Feature of Consciousness – Attention – has a Number of Subvarieties
    … One Special Form of Attention is Reflexive Consciousness
    … Consciousness – in the Sense of the Contents of the Foreground of Attention – is Very Limited in Capacity
    … There are a Variety of Types of Experience
  4. Correspondence with Information-Processing Theories
    … Fig: The Organization of the Subcomponents of the Norman and Shallice Model
  5. Conclusions
    … Fig: Suggested Flow of Information Between Control Systems

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