Why There Are No People
Unger (Peter)
Source: Midwest Studies in Philosophy (Vol IV) - Metaphysics
Paper - Abstract

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Author’s Introduction

  1. The argument from invented expressions
  2. An account of some common vague expressions
  3. The idea of incomplete expressions
  4. Vagueness and groundless inconsistency
  5. Paradigms in perspective
  6. Sorites1 arguments, counterfactual reasoning, and obscure dimensions
  7. The inconsistency of ‘person’
  8. The inability of paradox to nullify this account
  9. A reexamination of our argument from invented expressions
  10. Some outstanding problems posed by this account and its relation to them
    1. The Problem of Explanation
    2. The Problem of Scope and Comparison
    3. The Problem of Replacement


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