Noneism or Allism?
Lewis (David)
Source: Lewis - Papers in Metaphysics and Epistemology
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    Some few entities--present, actual, particular, spatio-temporal, material, well-bounded things--exist uncontroversially. Scarcely any philosopher denies them. Other alleged entities are controversial: some say they exist, some say they do not. These controversial entities include past and future things, the dead who have ceased to be and those who are not yet even conceived; unactualized possibilia; universals1, numbers, and classes; and Meinongian objects, incomplete or inconsistent or both. An expansive friend of the entities who says that all these entities exist may be called an "allist". A tough desert-dweller who says that none of them exist may be called a "noneist". In between come most of us, the pickers and choosers, "some-by-only-someists".

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