Symposium: On the Logic of Perception
Hintikka (Jaakko) & Clark (Romane)
Source: Care & Grimm - Perception and Personal Identity
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  1. In the final symposium Jaakko Hintikka claims that the logic of perception is a branch of modal logic2, and argues for this in two ways:
    • (1) by outlining the basic reasons why the logic of perception is susceptible to the same sort of treatment as other modal logics3, and
    • (2) by showing that the treatment of perceptual concepts as modal4 notions sheds new light on some classical issues in the philosophy of perception. In his comments
  2. Romane Clark accepts Hintikka's general contention, but objects to some details of his treatment of the substitutivity of identicals and existential generalization.
  3. Jaakko Hintikka gives a Reply.

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Footnote 1: Taken from the Preface to the volume.

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