Causation: Reductionism Versus Realism
Tooley (Michael)
Source: Sosa & Tooby - Causation
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  1. My basic thesis is that reductionist accounts, both of causal laws and of causal relations, are untenable.
  2. With regard to laws, I mention a fundamental epistemological difficulty, plus the problems posed by accidental uniformities, by uninstantiated basic laws, and by probabilistic laws.
  3. With regard to causal relations, I argue, first, that reductionist approaches cannot provide a satisfactory account of the direction of causation1, and secondly, that causal relations between events are not logically supervenient even upon the totality of all noncausal facts, together with all laws, both causal and noncausal, plus the direction of causation2 in all potential causal processes.


For Notes, see "Funkhouser (Eric) - Notes on Tooley, “Causation: Reductionism Versus Realism”".

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