The Heart of Racism
Garcia (J.L.A.)
Source: Boxill - Race and Racism - Oxford Readings
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  1. This paper presents an account of racism as an insufficiency of good will, often constituting ill will.
  2. I contend this reflects contemporary usage of the term, especially its primary employment as both descriptive and evaluative. I also sketch some of this view's implications for the morality of some forms of race-sensitive discrimination in private and public life.
  3. Finally, I note some of this account's advantages over more familiar conceptions of racism – as a doctrine, as a socioeconomic system of oppression, or as a form of action.
  4. One feature of this approach is it presents racism as morally vicious and applies to a topic in social philosophy – points made in recent criticisms of modernist moral theory offered by proponents of virtues-based moral theory.

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