Race, Multiculturalism and Democracy
Gooding-Williams (Robert)
Source: Boxill - Race and Racism - Oxford Readings
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  1. Part One defends a social constructionist concept of race against an objection raised by Walter Benn Michaels.
  2. Part Two deploys that concept to develop an account of black racial identity.
  3. In Parts Three and Four the author sketches critiques both of Molefi Asante's Afrocentrism and Arthur Schlesinger, Jr.'s anti-Afrocentric American nationalism.
  4. In Part Four and in the conclusion, he uses his social constructionist concept of black identity to defend a version of race-conscious multiculturalism.
  5. The author argues for endorsing race-conscious multiculturalism as a research and pedagogical program for promoting deliberative democracy in contemporary America.

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