A rDzogs-chen Buddhist Interpretation of the Sense of Self
Hayward (Jeremy)
Source: Gallagher & Shear - Models of the Self
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    A rDzogs-chen (Tibetan Buddhist) interpretation of the sense of self is presented that is grounded in the disciplined method of shamatha-vipashyana meditation. This model of self/nonself agrees with Strawson's analysis as far as the discontinuity of self, but elaborates the momentary self not as any kind of 'thing', but as an energy process having both particle-like and field-like aspects. The moment-by-moment appearance of a sense of self is described as arising in stages over a finite duration from a background of nondual intelligence and energy. There are implications for further scientific research into the structure of self-consciousness1 as well as for the cultivation of individual wisdom and compassion.


Also in "JCS - Journal of Consciousness Studies, Volume 05, Issue 5-6 (1998)"

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