Causation and Preestablished Harmony in the Early Development of Leibniz's Philosophy
Kulstad (Mark A.)
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    This article examines Leibniz's development on the questions of causation1, mind-body interaction, and pre-established harmony from Leibniz's university years to the composition of the "Discourse on Metaphysics". Among the issues taken up are the relationship of Leibniz's developing views to those of Descartes, Malebranche, and notably, Spinoza. Interpretations of scholars such as Belaval, Kabitz, Robinet and Parkinson on these early years are evaluated, and numerous positive theses--often opposed to previous views--are presented and defended. Significant shifts in Leibniz's views during this period are documented. One of these appears to be that Leibniz at least briefly adopted a version of occasionalism a few years after the Paris period.

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