Identity: Introduction
Noonan (Harold)
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Author’s Introduction

  1. In recent years the topic of identity has been a focus of great debate in the philosophical community. Various interrelated problems have been at the centre of the discussion, but it is fair to say that recent work has concentrated particularly on the following areas:
    • (i) the notion of a criterion of identity1;
    • (ii) the disagreement between advocates of perdurance2 and advocates of endurance as analyses of identity over time;
    • (iii) the idea of identity across possible worlds and the question of its relevance to the correct analysis of de re modal3 discourse;
    • (iv) the notion of contingent identity4; and
    • (v) the notion of vague identity5.
  2. The papers in this volume, chosen both for the significance of their contributions to the debates on these issues and for their clarity in presentation, have been drawn from journal articles published over the last 20 years. They indicate very clearly the progress of the debates up to the present day and constitute an indispensable starting point for further work in these respective areas.

  1. Introduction
  2. Criteria of Identity7
  3. Perdurance8 Versus Endurance
  4. Identity Across Possible Worlds
  5. Contingent Identity9
  6. Vague Identity10


Photocopy filed in "Various - Papers on Identity Boxes: Vol 12 (N-O)".

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Footnote 6: The references are those specifically mentioned in the Introduction.

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