Identity Over Time and Change Of Composition
Lowe (E.J.)
Source: Lowe - A Survey of Metaphysics, Chapter 2
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Author’s Abstract1

  1. Chapters 2, 3, and 4 concern problems of identity, persistence, and change. Some of these problems involve cases of fission and fusion, in which one thing 'becomes two' or two 'become one' — as in the notorious puzzle of the ship of Theseus2.
  2. In Chapter 2, I look at such cases with a view to determining whether, and if so how, a composite thing can retain its identity over time while undergoing a change of its component parts. I also raise the question of whether identity could be vague, or a matter of degree.

  1. Numerical and qualitative identity – 23
  2. Composite objects and change of parts – 24
  3. The puzzle of the ship of Theseus3 – 25
  4. Two radical solutions to the puzzle – 28
  5. A better solution? – 30
  6. Intermittent existence4 – 33
  7. Fission and fusion – 35
  8. Is vague identity5 possible? – 36
  9. The paradox of the thousand and one cats – 37

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Footnote 1: Taken from "Lowe (E.J.) - Introduction: The Nature of Metaphysics".

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