Lowe (E.J.)
Source: Lowe - A Survey of Metaphysics, Chapter 6
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Author’s Abstract1

  1. In Chapter 6, I introduce the distinction between essential and accidental properties and raise the question of whether this distinction is founded in convention or has a more objective basis.
  2. I also examine two important essentialist theses concerning the necessity of origin and the necessity of constitution.
  3. In this connection, I describe certain modal2 paradoxes and the threats they pose for essentialism.

  1. Essential and accidental properties – 96
  2. Essential properties and the necessity of identity – 99
  3. Essential properties and the problem of transworld identity – 100
  4. Individual essences and haecceities – 101
  5. The necessity of origin – 103
  6. A four-worlds argument for the necessity of origin – 104
  7. The necessity of constitution – 106
  8. A temporal comparison and accessibility relations – 109
  9. A brief stock-taking – 112
  10. Essence and conventionalism – 113

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Footnote 1: Taken from "Lowe (E.J.) - Introduction: The Nature of Metaphysics".

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