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Heller (Mark)
Source: Heller - The Ontology of Physical Objects, Chapter 4
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  1. In the fourth and final chapter I show that my rejection of the standard ontology is not as extreme as it might first appear. I offer my hunk ontology as a replacement for the standard ontology.
  2. Though the standard ontology is false, it is still useful. It is because we have no need for precision in our day-to-day affairs that our conventions lack precision. It is because our conventions do, in spite of their imprecision, require a certain connection between our utterances and the true ontology that those utterances can serve their purposes without making any very particular assertion about the structure of the objects of the true ontology.
  3. The primary concern of the fourth chapter is to come to understand exactly what the connection is between our typical utterances and the true ontology. The effect should be to eliminate any apparent absurdity involved in rejecting the standard ontology in favor of the hunk ontology.

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