The Psychological Approach To Our Survival
Unger (Peter)
Source: Unger - Identity, Consciousness and Value, Chapter 3
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Extract from Overview1

  1. In chapter 3 I find that the same holds for (ie. that despite their undeniable initial appeal, there's no lasting credibility in) the psychological approach, the governing paradigm that's dominated the literature for decades.
  1. Core Psychology and Distinctive Psychology – 67
  2. A Formulation of the Psychological Approach – 71
  3. Three Salient Motivations Toward This Approach – 74
  4. Three Subtler Motivations – 79
  5. From Science Fiction to Philosophical Investigation – 83
  6. First-Order Intuitions and Second-Order Intuitions – 87
  7. Other Societies, Other Statements, Other Conditions of Survival – 89
  8. Three Uses of "What Matters2 in Survival" – 92
  9. Three Other Objective Approaches – 97

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Footnote 1: Taken from "Unger (Peter) - Precis of 'Identity, Consciousness and Value'".

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