Identity and Diversity
Mackie (J.L.)
Source: Mackie - Problems from Locke, Chapter 5
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Philosopher’s Index Abstract

  1. Mackie sets out Locke's general theory of identity and raises some difficulties with the account.
  2. Hume's claim that the notion of identity is a fiction is critically assessed.
  3. Mackie argues that there is a relation between Locke's notion of identity and the notion that individuals can have essences. He presents an argument for what he calls Locke's thesis about the relativity of identity.
  4. The relevance of Kripke's discussion of identity and named individuals is examined. It is argued that Locke's thesis about the relativity of identity can provide a means of understanding some problems concerning identity through time.

  1. Locke's general theory of identity – 140
  2. Hume's account of identity – 145
  3. Essences of individuals – 150
  4. The relativity of identity – 160
  5. Identity across kinds – 161
  6. Answers and decisions – 169

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