Personal Identity
Mackie (J.L.)
Source: Mackie - Problems from Locke, Chapter 6
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Philosopher’s Index Abstract

  1. Mackie attempts to revise Locke's theory of the identity of persons.
  2. Locke's equation of personal identity with the unity of consciousness1 is set out. Mackie examines various objections to Locke's theory and his use of puzzle cases is highlighted.
  3. Recent theories of personal identity, such as Parfit2's, are critically discussed.
  4. Mackie suggests that the equation of personal identity with the continuity of neurophysiological structure would resolve some of the difficulties associated with an account of personal identity.

  1. Locke and the unity of consciousness3 – 173
  2. Objections and difficulties – 177
  3. Conceptual analysis and evidence – 189
  4. Factual analysis and reinterpretations – 195

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