Sensation and Perception
Bennett (M.R.) & Hacker (P.M.S.)
Source: Bennett & Hacker - Philosophical Foundations of Neuroscience, Chapter 4
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  1. Sensation
    (Searle, Libet, Geldard and Sherrick)
  2. Perception
    • 2.1 – Perception as the causation1 of sensations: primary and secondary qualities
      (Kandel, Schwartz and Jessell, Rock)
    • 2.2 – Perception as hypothesis formation: Helmholtz
      (Helmholtz, Gregory, Glynn, Young)
    • 2.3 – Visual images and the binding problem
      (Sherrington, Damasio, Edelman, Crick, Kandel and Wurtz, Gray and Singer, Barlow)
    • 2.4 – Perception as information processing: Marr's theory of vision
      (Marr, Frisby, Crick, Ullman)


Part II: Human Faculties and Contemporary Neuroscience

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