Intransitive and Transitive Consciousness
Bennett (M.R.) & Hacker (P.M.S.)
Source: Bennett & Hacker - Philosophical Foundations of Neuroscience, Chapter 9
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  1. Consciousness and the Brain – 239
    (Albright, Jessell, Kandel and Posner, Edelman and Tononi; Glynn, Greenfield, Llinas, Gazzaniga, Searle, Johnson-Laird, Chalmers, Dennett, Gregory, Crick and Koch, Frisby)
  2. Intransitive Consciousness – 244
    (Searle, Dennett)
  3. Transitive Consciousness and its Forms – 248
  4. Transitive Consciousness: A Partial Analysis – 253


Part III: Consciousness and Contemporary Neuroscience

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