Dion and Theon: An Essentialist Solution to an Ancient Puzzle
Burke (Michael)
Source: Journal of Philosophy 91, No. 3 (March 1994), 129-139
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  1. The puzzle of Dion and Theon1 was pondered more than 2000 years ago by the Stoic philosopher Chrysippus. Puzzles of the same type engage identity theorists today.
  2. After surveying the many solutions currently on offer, and noting their drawbacks, this article presents a new solution, one that affirms the long-ignored position of Chrysippus, although not the reasoning by which he arrived at it.
  3. The solution employs (and assumes) the recently resurgent doctrine of Aristotelian essentialism, which provides a hitherto unexploited resource for dealing with the full range of putative exceptions to the principle that different objects cannot simultaneously occupy the same place.

Author’s Abstract
    Presents an essentialist solution to the puzzle of Dion and Theon2 posed by the Stoic philosopher Chrysippus.
    • Separation from Theon of Dion3's left foot;
    • Simultaneous existence of different objects at the same place;
    • Maximal concept of a person;
    • Essence of persons and nonpersons;
    • Denial of existence of undetached parts.

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