The Doctrine of Temporal Parts and the 'No-Change' Objection
Lombard (Lawrence B.)
Source: Philosophy and Phenomenological Research 54.2 June 1994, pp. 365-372
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    In his recent paper, "Things Change", Mark Heller argues that the Doctrine of Temporal Parts (DPT) can be used to explain away a puzzle about how it is possible for things to survive change. He also responds to a criticism of DTP based on the idea that it is ill- suited to account for the fact that things survive change. In this paper, I undermine Heller's argument in favor of temporal parts, by showing that the argument, at best, rests on an equivocation. I also undermine Heller's response to the "No- Change" criticism, by arguing that his response makes the introduction of temporal parts in order to explain how it is possible for things to survive change unnecessary.

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