Review of Jonathan Dancy's 'Reading Parfit'
Merricks (Trenton)
Source: Philosophical Review 108.3, July 1999, pp. 422-425
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Author’s Introduction (excerpted)

  1. The bad news is that all of these essays were in their completed form five or six years before the book was published; as a result, the arguments sometimes seem a little bit familiar and, of course, neither profit from nor engage the most recent literature on the topics they address.
  2. The good news is that "Dancy (Jonathan), Ed. - Reading Parfit" includes some very fine essays (and, in my opinion, a few not-very-fine essays) by talented philosophers. These essays, taken together, address all four parts of Reasons and Persons: Self Defeating Theories, Rationality and Time, Personal Identity, and Future Generations. I'll focus my discussion on (the parts of) those essays-about half of the essays in the collection-that say something about Parfit1's metaphysics of personal identity.
  3. What is Parfit2's metaphysics of personal identity? It involves, in large part, the relation of psychological connectedness3 and continuity.


Review of "Dancy (Jonathan), Ed. - Reading Parfit".

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