Reply to Lynne Rudder Baker
Olson (Eric)
Source: Philosophy and Phenomenological Research Mar99, Vol. 59 Issue 1, p161, 6p;
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Author's Abstract

  1. In "Olson (Eric) - Was I Ever a Fetus?" I argued that, since each of us was once an unthinking fetus1, psychological continuity2 cannot be necessary for us to persist through time.
  2. Baker claims that the argument is invalid, and that both the premise and the conclusion are false.
  3. I attempt to depend argument, premise, and conclusion against her objections.

Philosophers Index Abstract
  1. Presents the reply of Eric Olson to Lynne Rudder Baker on the psychological continuity3 theory of identity.
  2. Argument on the usage of the de dicto principle in implying one's personality;
  3. Analogy of the Cartesian claim on the identity of a person as a human being;
  4. Assertion of the Biological View4 as a view of personal identity.


Response to "Baker (Lynne Rudder) - What Am I?".

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