Essential Properties
Bennett (Daniel)
Source: Journal of Philosophy 66.15, Aug 1969, pp. 487-499
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  1. Essential properties are:
    1. Necessary or natural and
    2. Sortal1.
  2. Necessary properties are those which are necessarily always true of whatever they're ever true (omnitemporal properties), or are necessarily consequent on omnitemporal properties.
  3. Natural properties are necessarily for the most part true of whatever they're ever true.
  4. Sortal2 properties necessarily sort what they're true of from its parts and wholes, but not necessarily from things wholly or partly distinct from it.
  5. Not all necessary or natural properties are sortal3, and not all sortal4 properties are necessary or natural.
  6. Essentialism is consistent with extensionalism and nominalism. It is also consistent with an event ontology.

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