The Possibility of Metaphysics
Lowe (E.J.)
Source: Lowe - The Possibility of Metaphysics, 2001, Chapter 1
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  1. A positive answer to Kant's famous question, 'How is metaphysics possible?', is given — one that represents metaphysics as being an autonomous and indispensable intellectual discipline whose task is to chart the domain of real possibilities.
  2. The notions of 'real' or 'metaphysical' possibility and necessity are defended and distinguished from those of various other species of modality1, such as physical, logical, and conceptual possibility or necessity.
  3. The enemies of metaphysics, from relativists to those who seek to subordinate metaphysics to empirical science, epistemology, or the philosophy of language, are argued to hold positions that are either incoherent or self-defeating.

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