Persistence Through Time
Haslanger (Sally)
Source: M. J. Loux and D.W. Zimmerman, eds., The Oxford Handbook of Metaphysics (OUP, 2003)
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Section Headings

  1. The Puzzle(s)
  2. Persistence: Perdurance1, Endurance, and Exdurance2
  3. Presentism, Non-Presentism (or Eternalism), and Serious Tensing
  4. Methodological Interlude
  5. Relationalism, Incompatibility, and Temporary Intrinsics3
  6. Perdurance4, Proper Subjects, and Change
  7. Stage Theory5 and Lasting Intrinsics
  8. Presentism and ‘Just Having’ a Property
  9. Endurance: Temporally Qualified Instantiation?
    … 9.1 Copula-Tensing
    … 9.2 Adverbialism
    … 9.3 SOFism
  10. Having a Property Simpliciter
  11. Conclusion

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