Animalism Versus Lockeanism: A Current Controversy
Noonan (Harold)
Source: Philosophical Quarterly, 1998, Vol. 48 Issue 192, p302, 17p;
Paper - Abstract

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  1. Claims that ‘animalism2' is amongst the various positions adopted by contemporary philosophers, in relation to personal identity;
  2. Reference to how philosopher Locke discussed personal identity;
  3. Opposition to Locke's perception;
  4. Consideration of how the neo-Lockean might respond to the animalist3's position;
  5. Inclusions in the options available to the philosopher of personal identity when considering the relation between persons and human beings.


See "Mackie (David) - Animalism Versus Lockeanism: No Contest" for a reply.

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Footnote 1: I’m not sure where this abstract came from!

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