Parfit On What Matters In Survival
Brueckner (Anthony)
Source: Philosophical Studies 70, 1993, pp. 1-22
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  1. This paper is a critical discussion of Parfit1's argument (in Reasons and Persons) to show that psychological continuity2 is the proper focus of the concern one normally attaches to personal identity.
  2. One focus is the role of the indeterminacy of identity in Parfit3's reasoning.

Author’s Abstract
  1. Parfit4's most controversial claim about personal identity is that personal identity does not matter in the way we uncritically think it does.
  2. I would like to analyze Parfit5's reasons for making this claim. These reasons are complex, and they stand in some tension with one another.
  3. I would like to examine them carefully and to try to arrive at the strongest case that can be made for Parfit6's controversial claim about what matters7.


See "Parfit (Derek) - The Indeterminacy Of Identity: A Reply To Brueckner" for a reply.

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