Purple Haze: Introduction
Levine (Joseph)
Source: Levine - Purple Haze: The Puzzle of Consciousness, 2001, Introduction
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Author’s Abstract

  1. Consciousness presents a problem. There are excellent reasons for believing that materialism1, or physicalism2, is the correct metaphysical view of our world, yet it is extremely difficult to see how conscious experiences, or qualia, can be incorporated into the materialist3 framework.
  2. Both aspects of the problem are defended.
    1. First, a positive argument for materialism4 is given, with responses to dualist objections.
    2. Second, objections are presented to most materialist5 attempts to explain consciousness - in particular, higher-order theories, representationalism, and eliminativism.
    3. Finally, it is argued that to make genuine progress on this problem we need to delve deeper into the question of our cognitive access to our own experience.
  3. Thus the problems of intentionality and consciousness are not as separable as has often been thought.

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