Eliminitivism: 'You've Got Me Blowin', Blowin' My Mind'
Levine (Joseph)
Source: Levine - Purple Haze: The Puzzle of Consciousness, 2001, Chapter 5
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Author’s Abstract

  1. Given the tenacity of the problem, and the otherwise overwhelming support for materialism, the idea that conscious experience is just an illusion - the doctrine of eliminativism - is considered seriously.
  2. Two versions of eliminativism are considered: a straight version and one that is combined with representationalism.
  3. It is argued that neither version can adequately accommodate our first-person cognitive access to our own conscious experience, as our substantive and determinate conceptions of qualia would not be possible if qualia themselves were unreal.

  1. Introduction
  2. Qualophilia: Bold and Modest
  3. Five Eliminativist Strategies

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