Blurry Images, Double Vision, and Other Oddities: New Problems for Representationalism?
Tye (Michael)
Source: Smith & Jokic - Consciousness: New Philosophical Essays
Paper - Abstract

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Author’s Introduction

  1. Levels of Content in Visual Experience
    • Fig. 1.1: Effect of Apperceptive Agnosia
    • Fig. 1.2: Effect on Perception of Orientation of Head
    • Fig. 1.3: The Impossible Figure
  2. Replies to Counter-Examples
    • Case 1: The Long, Dark Tunnel
    • Case 2: The Tilted Coin
    • Case 3: Blurred Vision
      … Fig. 1.4: A Checkerboard Picture (of Abraham Lincoln)
    • Case 4: The Apparent Location of an After-image
    • Case 5: Eyes Closed Towards the Sun
    • Case 6: Double Vision
    • Case 7: Sexism, Racism and Ageism
  3. Cross-Modal6 Cases


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