Time Travel, Coincidences and Counterfactuals
Sider (Ted)
Source: Philosophical Studies, August 2002; 110(2): 115-138
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    In no possible world does a time traveler1 succeed in killing her earlier self before she ever enters a time machine2. So if many, many time travelers3 when back in time trying to kill their unprotected former selves, the time travelers4 would fail in many strange, "coincidental" ways, slipping on banana peels, killing the wrong victim, and so on. Such cases produce doubts about time travel5. How could "coincidences" be guaranteed to happen? Despite initial appearances, these and other doubts may be answered: the possibility of time travel6 survives yet another challenge. (edited)


See Sider - Time Travel, Coincidences and Counterfactuals.

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