Personal Identity And The Causal Continuity Requirement
Elliot (Robert)
Source: Philosophical Quarterly, 1991, Vol. 41 Issue 162, p55, 21p;
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  1. It has been argued by many that causal continuity is necessary for personal identity.
  2. An argument against this view is presented and a number of counter-arguments rebutted.
  3. Some general conclusions are drawn concerning the nature of personal identity.

Alternative Abstract1
  1. Questions the force and significance of CCR (casual continuity requirement) through two stages.
  2. The two stages;
  3. Personality-identity relation;
  4. CCR deployed in the course of two significant and closely related enterprises;
  5. Counter-examples to CCR;
  6. Against the positive arguments for CCR;
  7. Conclusion.

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