Buddhist Reductionism
Siderits (Mark)
Source: Philosophy East & West, Oct97, Vol. 47 Issue 4, p455, 24p;
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  1. While Derek Parfit1 is aware that his reductionism2 about persons is anticipated in early Buddhism3 and Abhidharma, he has not explored that tradition for any clues it might yield concerning the consequences of adopting the position.
  2. In this essay, the tradition is used to construct a taxonomy of possible views about persons4 and then examine the metaphysical commitments that Buddhist5 reductionists6 claim are entailed by their view.
  3. While these turn out to be significant, it is argued here that this is a price a reductionist7 should be prepared to pay.

Another Abstract
  1. Proposes a taxonomy of views on persons and personal identity to help clarify the relations among the various Buddhist8 and contemporary positions on issues in early Buddhism9 and Abhidharma.
  2. General characterization of reductionism10;
  3. Reductionist11 views about what a person12 is.

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