Response to Mark Siderits' Review
Williams (Paul)
Source: Philosophy East & West, Jul2000, Vol. 50 Issue 3, p424, 30p;
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Philosophers Index Abstract

  1. A reply to Mark Siderits's review, published in the same edition of Phil East West, of Williams's book Altruism and Reality: Studies in the Philosophy of the Bodhicaryavatara (Richmond: Curzon, 1998).
  2. Williams responds in detail to Siderits's argument, and defends in particular the position of his book that Santideva's reductionist treatment of the person makes statements ascribing pains to persons incomprehensible and, thus, renders meaningless the Mahayana Buddhist project of removing all pains.
  3. Williams also further develops his criticisms of the Buddhist1 bundle-theory of persons and objects, particularly natural kinds2, and the thesis of things as mental imputations.

Another Abstract
  1. Clarifies some issues related to personal identity, rebirth and altruism discussed in the book ‘Altruism and Reality’.
  2. → Concern over future rebirth;
    → Notions in Buddhism3 about reborn beings;
    → Fission, moral responsibility and justice.

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