The Termination Thesis
Feldman (Fred)
Source: Midwest Studies In Philosophy, 2000, Vol. XXIV Issue 1, p98, 18p
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    The Termination Thesis (TT) is the doctrine that when people die, they go out of existence. This is not to be confused with weaker views, such as the view that when people die, they cease existing "as persons" but might continue in some other capacity (e.g., as corpses). Philosophers often appeal to TT in discussions of the evil of death. Many philosophers seem to have endorsed TT, thought it's possible that they endorsed something else that has been confused with TT. I discuss several arguments that could be used by defenders of TT. I try to show that none of them succeeds. I indicate some of my reasons for thinking that TT is false. Focuses on the Termination Thesis. Rationality of fear of death; Metaphysics of death; Passage from Olson

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