Beyond Horses and Oak Trees: A New Theory of Individuation for Living Entities
Wilson (Jack)
Source: Wilson, Jack - Biological Individuality: The identity and Persistence of Living Entities; 1999, Chap. 1, pp. 1-21
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Author’s Abstract

    In this chapter I show that past philosophers have failed to explicate the conditions an entity must satisfy to be a living individual. I then explore the reasons for this failure and explain why we should limit ourselves to examples involving real organisms rather than use thought experiments1.

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1. Introduction
2. The Meaning of 'a Life'
3. The Poverty of Examples
4. Imaginary Examples and Conceptual Analysis
5. What is It?
Outstanding Tasks
  1. Review the critique of unspecified BG assumptions / concepts in "Wilkes (Kathleen) - Thought Experiments".
  2. Urgently read:-
    "Wiggins (David) - Sameness and Substance", and
    "Wiggins (David) - Sameness and Substance Renewed".
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  1. But surely TEs help us to prise apart what we habitually run together, and
  2. Sometimes we want to consider what would happen in worlds other than our own – or at least in (what may be) aspects of our world of which we have no direct experience - eg. resurrection.
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