Generation and Corruption
Wilson (Jack)
Source: Wilson, Jack - Biological Individuality: The identity and Persistence of Living Entities; 1999, Chap. 5, pp. 86-104
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Author’s Abstract

A living thing of a particular kind begins to exist when an entity first exists that meets the criteria of identity1 through time for living substantial individuals of that kind. That entity ceases to exist when it ceases to meet them. In this chapter I trace several representative life histories for living individuals of the substantial kinds I identified in Chapter 3 and elaborate on the relations between individuals of these kinds through time. In the following sections I explore the origins, growth, and eventual demise of each kind of living individual by considering a number of examples. Towards the end of the chapter I examine whether death is necessarily the end of the entity. I am convinced that a living thing can die and then live again. If Walt Disney actually had been preserved cryogenically after his death and later revived, he would still be Walt Disney.


  1. Genetic Individuals
  2. Functional Individuals
  3. Developmental Individuals
  4. Raising the Dead

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