Identity and Sortals: Why Relative Identity Is Self-Contradictory
Wilson (Jack)
Source: Wilson, Jack - Biological Individuality: The identity and Persistence of Living Entities; 1999, Appendix, pp. 119-126
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Author’s Abstract

In this appendix, I explore the role of substantial sortals1 in the relation of identity. Conclusion: Identity is a primitive and absolute relation. Although using a sortal2 term may be the only way or the best way to clarify of what entity identity is being asserted, the sortal3 does not play any essential role in the formulation of that assertion of identity. It may give the conditions of identity and unity4 for an entity of that kind. Different sortals5 do not mark different kinds of identity. The sortal6 term will specify what kind of thing is asserted about which identity and give the conditions of identity.

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