Transcendence of the Ego (The Non-Existent Knight)
Van Fraassen (Bas)
Source: Ratio 17.4, Dec2004, p453-477, 25p
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Author’s Abstract

  1. I exist, but I am not a thing among things; X exists if and only if there is something such that it=X. This is consistent, and it is a view that can be supported.
  2. Calvino’s novel “The Non-Existent Knight” can be read so as to illustrate this view. But what is my relation to the things there are if I am not identical with any of them – things such as my arms, my garden, the city I live in?
  3. I name this the Gurduloo problem, after the Knight’s page. This relation must be one that admits of degrees; I suggest that we say that I manifest myself through the things thus associated with me.
  4. Several pseudo-problems, pertaining to volitional action, supervenience1, observability, and the emergence of consciousness, dissolve upon inspection.

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