Langford and Ramachandran on Occasional Identities
Gallois (Andre)
Source: Philosophical Quarterly, 2001, Vol. 51 Issue 204, p378, 8p
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  1. In their "Langford (Simon) & Ramachandran (Murali) - Rigidity, Occasional Identity and Leibniz's Law" (2000), Steven Langford and Murali Ramachandran argue that my defence of the transiency and contingency of identity1 given in my "Gallois (Andre) - Occasions of Identity : a Study in the Metaphysics of Persistence, Change, and Sameness" is flawed.
  2. In that work I supported what I called the Occasional Identity2 Thesis by defending certain theses about rigid designation and time-indexed properties.
  3. Langford and Ramachandran argue that the theses in question have unacceptable consequences.
  4. I attempt to show that their argument fails, and that their alternative proposal concerning Leibniz' Law3 does not work.

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