Coinciding Objects: Reply to Lowe and Denkel
Burke (Michael)
Source: Analysis 57.1, Jan 1997, p11, 8p
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Author’s Abstract

  1. In "Burke (Michael) - Dion and Theon: An Essentialist Solution to an Ancient Puzzle" (1994) and "Burke (Michael) - Preserving the Principle of One Object to a Place: A Novel Account of the Relations Amongst Objects, Sorts, Sortals, and Persistence Conditions" (1994), I offered a novel solution to some identity puzzles.
  2. "Lowe (E.J.) - Coinciding Objects: In Defence of the ‘Standard Account’" (1995) and "Denkel (Arda) - Theon’s Tale: Does a Cambridge Change Result in a Substantial Change?" (1995) have raised objections to that solution.
  3. I will reply here to each of them, and also address a relevant point made recently by "Zimmerman (Dean) - Theories of Masses and Problems of Constitution" (1995).

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