Memory, Connecting and What Matters In Survival
Martin (Raymond)
Source: Australasian Journal of Philosophy, 65.1, March 1987, pp. 82-97
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  1. Questions:-
    1. "Could" someone remember doing or experiencing something that someone deceased did or experienced?
    2. If they could, "has" anyone ever done so?
    3. If they have, does this fact increase the likelihood that some people have survived their bodily deaths?
  2. I argue that the answer to all of these questions is 'yes'.
  3. I explain why physical continuity1 matters in survival even though it is not necessary to identity, and hence why psychological-continuity2 theorists such as Parfit3 give a distorted account of what matters4 in survival5.


From "Noonan (Harold), Ed. - Personal Identity (Readings)".

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