Fetuses, Famous Violinists, and the Right to Continued Aid
Davis (Michael)
Source: Philosophical Quarterly, 1983, Vol. 33 Issue 132, p259-278, 20p
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Philosopher’s Index Abstract

  1. Discusses the paper "Thomson (Judith Jarvis) - A Defense of Abortion".
  2. Focus of the analogy between violinists and the fetus1;
  3. Criticism against the anti-abortion2 arguments claiming
    • the right of all people to life,
    • regard for the fetus3 as a person,
    • the right people to decide what to do with their bodies and
    • abortion4 as a violation of the right to life by the fetus5;
  4. Agreement on the wrongness of bypassing the metaphysics of personhood;
  5. Offer of a explanation to refute Thomson’s perspectives;
  6. Explanation of the failure of the analogy to establish the moral liberty of abortion6 to end pregnancy7 due to rape.

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